Podcast: What does a construction project manager do?


Andre Ghelfi-Thomas recalls loving to play with Legos when he was younger. He’d first build a set according to the directions and then take it apart and build something from his imagination. Fast forward to today and Ghelfi-Thomas is doing a different kind of building as a project manager for Appleton-based construction firm The Boldt Company. On a recent BizTimes MKE Podcast episode, he discussed what got him interested in construction work, how being a project manager differs from being a project engineer, how he got his career started, and the planning that has gone into the upcoming renovation of the Marquette University dental school. Ghelfi-Thomas also discusses how work in the real world has given him an appreciation for the group projects he did in school and how he learned the importance of not necessarily knowing everything but instead knowing how to find the right answers for people he works with.