Krier Foods


Krier Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated beverage contact manufacturer known for its service-oriented attitude and renowned family driven culture. We are the one-stop-shop for every facet of beverage production. From initial consultation by our in-house beverage specialists, to mixing, blending, and canning beverages, to fulfillment and shipping, our team is the solution to fulfill the requests of local, regional, and national beverage companies. 


Krier Foods’ aluminum can capabilities fulfill production for alcoholic and non-alcoholic sodas, sparkling waters, carbonated and non-carbonated energy drinks, dietary supplements, fruit juices and drinks, functional and relaxation beverages, tea drinks and coffee drinks. Many nationally known brands send Krier Foods recipes for their products and Krier Foods makes the drinks, seals them in labeled cans and sends them back to the companies to be sold. 

Our Wisconsin claim to fame – Jolly Good Soda!


In addition to contract packing services, Krier Food is the sole producer of Jolly Good Soda. Jolly Good Soda also takes pride in our local community. Together, we have active partnerships with the Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Walk and Mel’s Charities. We also support many organizations throughout the year such as the Random Lake Fire Department, School District, and Chamber of Commerce.


At Krier Foods, all team members play an essential role in our beverage co-packing work. As a family-oriented beverage contract packer, our innovative desire to serve beverage producers is driven by the people we hire and the lasting relationships we create with our employees, customers and community.

Our Wisconsin roots are engraved in every part of what we do. Serving not just the Midwest, but beverage companies across the US, our work ethic, dedication and authenticity drives us to be leaders in the beverage manufacturing industry.

Krier Foods hires dependable, hard-working individuals who take pride in their work. Our employees serve quality, and at the end of the day, we could not be more proud of the remarkable work done by all team members.


  • Internships in Project Management
  • Safety and Electrical Apprenticeships


Kelly Wiebelhaus, HR Manager
(920) 994-2469





Mark Meyer | Production Supervisor

AGE: 27
EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION: Millwright Apprenticeship Program – Journeyman’s Program

What do you do on a day-to-day basis at your job?
My role is to make sure that everything is ready to go to start production every day. I conduct pre-shift meetings with my team members, and monitor the production lines throughout the day. I communicate any maintenance or quality assurance issues that arise, and jump in as needed on the floor to keep production going. I review all production documents throughout the day for accuracy, review customer specifications for product change overs, and monitor that those changes over get completed in a timely manner.

How did you arrive at your current position? What was your professional or career path?
In high school, I took a lot of shop, woodworking, metals and small engines classes. I went to Lakeshore Technical College through the Millwright Apprenticeship Program and received my Journeyman’s Card which was sponsored by Krier Foods. I’ve also received lots of on the job training. I am currently going back to school at LTC for Engineering.Krier Foods has always been supportive of wanting to set me with the best tools to succeed all while making sure I’m doing what is best for me personally.

What is the best part about your job?
Working at Krier Foods gives me a sense of accomplishment while I challenge myself both personally and professionally.